Best Baby Travel System For 2017

Ask any mother, and she’ll tell you that the quality of her baby’s stroller and car seat is paramount. A badly made travel system might mean a broken stroller or an insecure car seat, which could result in injury for a new baby. Other travel systems might sell strollers and car seats separately and add yet another expense to the high cost of raising a child and caring for them. It’s important to find a travel system that fits your baby’s needs and can be trusted to protect them. Here are a few baby travel systems with the highest customer satisfaction ratings according to Amazon.

1. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Chicco Bravo’s Trio baby travel system has not two, but three modes of travel for your baby. The seat and canopy are detachable from the rest of the stroller, allowing them to function as a baby car seat. With a KeyFit, the seat can be attached back to the wheels, becoming a stroller once again. When the baby becomes a toddler, the seat of the stroller can adjust, so that it functions as a toddler stroller as well as an infant travel system. This travel system includes plenty of room for storage and cup holders, which will be particularly convenient for toddler travelers. It carries up to 50 pounds with durability and reliability. If you are looking for a car seat and stroller travel system, this is a great choice!

2. Roan Ricco Classic Pram Stroller 2-in-1

Roan Ricco’s baby travel system also functions for both infants and toddlers, with a changeable seat and adjustment, and carries up to 40 pounds. The stroller can also be adjusted to serve as a bassinet, and the direction of the seat can face forward or rear. The seat for this travelling system also includes an adjustable hood with ventilation to keep the baby cool on hot summer days, and plenty of padding. To top it off, there are real rubber tires to soak up some road vibrations on all terrain. Roan Ricco’s pram comes complete with a diaper bag, in preparation for any of life’s everyday emergencies.

3. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

This baby travel system is just right for parents of twins. It has two seats and will accommodate two babies or toddlers up to 45 pounds each. In terms of safety, it’s a win: it has parking brakes and a removable bumper bar for extra security. As they say, Safety 1st It’s also comfortable, with easily steered wheels and adjustable seats and footrest. The Joovy Scooter X2 comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, and black, and it includes two cup holders and two zippered pockets. This is easily my favorite side by side stroller out there for the money.

4. Evenflow Vive Travel System with Embrace, Spearmint Spree

Not only is this travel system safe and effective, it’s also cute, with zig zags of teal along the back of the seat. This seat also detaches from the stroller to serve as a car seat stroller combo and it can hold up to 35 pounds; while attached to the stroller, it can hold up to 50 pounds. For families that are constantly on the move, this travel system includes a 16” fold so that it can be packed and transported with ease. It also includes a sun visor so that the baby can still go on a stroll, even on hot, sunny days. This stroller is recommended primarily for children from the ages of 0-5.

5. Summer Infant 3DLite Convenience Stroller

This stroller weighs in just 13 pounds with aluminum frames and a slim design, which is perfect for a mommy who's always on the go. It can even fit in the trunk of most smaller vehicles when it is folded hassle free. The front wheels are shock-resistant for increased maneuverability and the back wheels are lockable so that the stroller doesn’t roll away when the locks are engaged. As its name may suggest, this stroller is ready for summer with a retractable sun visor to keep the baby sheltered from the sun’s rays. What sets this stroller apart, however, is the storage: there's an extra-large storage basket underneath the seat of the stroller, a cup holder, an extra storage pocket in the back, and nicely padded everywhere to keep mamas and babies equally comfortable.


​Keep your mind at ease while traveling and make sure you buy the best travel system for you and your baby's needs. Maybe you need a lightweight stroller, that is easy to maneuver and can fit in the car easily, or you might be looking for the best jogging stroller with a good suspension system to ensure safe travel for your sleeping baby while you are out on your morning run. Anything you need is out there and with these durable, practical baby travel systems, mothers can rest easy knowing that their little one is protected during all transportation activities.

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