Rock your Baby to Happiness with the Best Baby Swing

Rock your Baby to Happiness with the Best Baby Swing

First off: if you are reading this, congratulations on the new addition to your family. There is no doubt that caring for a new baby is the toughest, most rewarding job you will ever have. As you probably noticed, there are countless baby products on the market and baby swings are no exception. When you are looking for the best baby swing, a quality swing is invaluable to exhausted parents and agitated infants. Luckily, certain stimuli–like swinging, light vibrations, and certain sounds–mimic your baby’s experience in the womb. This will stimulate a calming reflex inside the brain, which works perfect for an energetic baby before they head into the crib. The best baby swings will imitate the comfy rocking sensations of being back in the womb.

How to Look For the Best Baby Swing

There are lots of options on baby swings, so how do you know what’s best for you? Here are some features to take into consideration when shopping for the best baby swing:

  • Portability. Do you need a swing that is easy to take to grandmas or will it stay put once it’s assembled? Some swings are easy to fold and transport, while others are a hassle to move once they’re assembled.
  • Cleaning. Here’s one thing for sure: babies are messy. Make your life easier by finding a product that’s easy to clean or even has a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. 
  • Power. Some swings use batteries, some require a power outlet, and some can do both. Either way, consider where it will be located and how much you’ll be using it (it would suck to replace the batteries all the time). 
  • Seatbelt. Safety first! Anything that moves while your baby is in it (like a stroller) should have either a 3-point or 5-point safety harness. Even if the swing reclines, you should always use the harness. 
  • Reclining (or not). If you plan on using a swing with a newborn, the seat must be reclined. But as kids get older, they will want to sit up more and more. Take into consideration the age of your child and if the product will grow with them or not. 
  • Movement. Some swings have more speed options than others, and some also offer vibrating seats. If speed flexibility is important to you, pick a product that has more speed options. 

The swings listed below have many similar features, but each has unique attributes. Do you want an easily portable swing? One you could control with a cell phone app? Check out these five options to find the best baby swing you have been looking for.

Best Baby Swing Reviews

MamaRoo 4 Multi Motion Grey Classic – The Best Swing for Your Baby

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Best purchase you can make as a mom. My daughter loves her mamaroo! .” -Chelsey

  • 5 Unique Swing Motions
  • MP3 Plug for custom music option
  • Fully Custom Recline

4moms takes the baby swing to a whole new level with their mama Roo model. Instead of using the typical swinging motions, this swing has five unique motions and many different positions similar to movements parents make while comforting their baby. The modern design allows the seat to recline in any position. Another feature that sets this swing apart from the rest is the ability to use Bluetooth to control the motion, sound, speed, and volume of the swing. Like babysitter, but anywhere in the house! It comes with four soothing sounds for baby or an MP3 plug-in will allow you to play your favorite relaxing music. This swing is powered through an A/C adapter and does not use batteries. The seat’s cushy material keeps most liquids on the surface for easy cleaning with a damp cloth and it is also machine washable (Super Convenient while potty training!). This is the most expensive swing on the list, but it boasts several features the other swings do not.

  • Works With Plug-in only
Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker

Worth. Every. Penny” -Kari

  • Portable
  • seat doubles as a rocker
  • Machine Washable Seat Pad

Graco’s DuetSoothe is possibly the best portable baby swing. The removable seat doubles as a rocker, making this two products in one. The seat’s built-in handle makes transporting the baby a snap; a five-point harness keeps the baby safe and snug; and the quiet motor offers three swinging motions. It can be used with batteries or plugged in and this swing also offers vibration with two speed settings and fifteen music/nature sound options to help soothe and lullaby your baby. The cloth seat pad is machine washable, and there are two colors available. Several customers have commented on the sturdiness of this swing.

  • Requires batteries or plugin
  • Kind of heavy compared to others
Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

For $99, it makes for a pretty inexpensive babysitter!” -Capital

  • Affordable
  • Machine Washable Pad
  • 2 ways to swing. side-to-side or head-to-toe

Fisher-Price’s Snugapuppy swing is an updated version of an earlier model. It also offers two features in one–a cradle and a swing. This swing is easy to assemble and powered by plug-in or batteries. There are two swinging movements with six speeds, and a simple button press and turn will change the swing’s positions. The swing senses the baby’s weight so the speed won’t slow as your baby grows. The plush seat is machine washable. Many customers  have said that their little one sleeps just as good in the swing as they do on their crib mattress. The swing comes in a gender neutral color and also has a rotating mobile to catch your baby’s attention. Sixteen music and nature sounds will help relax your baby.

  • Motor is More Noisy Than Others
  • Assembly Instructions are Lacking
Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

It is actually a secret weapon that renders infants powerless, and against their will, they have no choice but to sleep” -Tracie

  • Ultra-Portable
  • Weighs only 7 Pounds

Another option for the best portable baby swing is Ingenuity’s Cozy Kingdom Swing. This small and sturdy swing folds easily for travel and storage. Weighing only seven pounds, this swing is designed for mobility. It is powered by batteries and the motor is extremely quiet. The Cozy Kingdom has six swing speeds, and the soft seat pad and removable head support are machine washable. A foam toy bar with two plush animals is adjustable for your baby’s enjoyment. The swing plays six original melodies with volume control. It is an affordable option if you are looking for a space saver. Not to mention, the portability of this swing means it’s perfect for a mommy on the go.

  • Motor is a little loud
  • Best used with Plug-in
Fisher-Price Surreal Serenity Cradle ‘n Swing

“This swing series is just THAT good” -Ash

One of the best swings for baby is the Surreal Serenity by Fisher Price. This sturdy swing offers two swinging motions and six speeds. The swing is powered by rechargeable batteries and could also be plugged into an outlet and the easily adjustable seat positions help your baby see you from anywhere in the room. The motorized mobile also has a mirrored globe so your baby could see his or her reflection as well as all around the room. The soft and comfortable fabric comes off easily and is machine washable. There are sixteen options for music and nature sounds.

  • White Cover Shows Stains
  • Short Music Cycle

Conclusion on the Best Baby Swing

A good baby swing is a necessary investment for your infant. Not only will it help your baby relax, but it will also provide you with some much needed free time. When your baby is asleep in the swing, the opportunity to complete chores, take a shower, or spend a few minutes of “me” time on the couch becomes much easier.

There are many viable options for baby swings, but deciding what features are important to you and your infant will help you find the best baby swing for your family. The swings mentioned on this list offer a large range from lightweight and simple to state-of-the-art technology. All of them come with machine washable seats, speed and swinging motion options, mobiles for visual stimulation, and available sounds. All of them are also highly rated by parents just like you.