Get that Perfect Latch with the Best Nursing Pillow

Get that Perfect Latch with the Best Nursing Pillow

There are lots of things you will have to work out and get used to when breastfeeding. One of which is making sure you are in a good nursing position for a great latch while also keeping you and baby comfortable. This is definitely easier said than done and takes practice. You’ll get the hang of it though, and the best nursing pillow is a great breastfeeding accessory to help you out. Even a small baby that doesn’t weigh much gets heavy when you’re breastfeeding every couple of hours, and the best nursing pillow can help support his/her weight. 

Nursing pillows are like a step up from your pregnancy pillow: it’s all about comfort, except now your baby is part of the outside world. But how do nursing pillows work? They sit in your lap and typically wrap around your body to some extent. The pillow provides a surface to support and position your infant at the breast and keep you more comfortable for the many hours of nursing to come. While not a required breastfeeding accessory, the pillow’s special design does provide some very welcome relief and assistance. Even more, nursing pillows can be used for more than just breastfeeding: they can facilitate tummy time and cradle babies who can’t yet sit up on their own, giving them a better view and more interaction with you and the toys. 

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How to Look for the Best Nursing Pillow

When it comes to finding the best nursing pillow for both you and your baby, there are a couple of features to take into consideration:

  • Easy to Clean. During the first few months of your child’s life, you will be breastfeeding a lot. This means that any pillows you use will need to be washed frequently in baby safe laundry detergent. Make sure the pillow has an easy to remove cover that is machine washable for easy cleaning. 
  • Shape. There a few main shapes of nursing pillows: C-shaped, horseshoe, triangle, rectangle, and boomerang. The most popular shape is the C-shape and if you have twins, the horseshoe shape is perfect. Whichever pillow you pick, make sure it fits comfortably and fulfills your needs. 
  • Height. Pillows come in all different shapes and sizes. The point of the pillow is to make breastfeeding easier; so if the pillow isn’t the right height, you’ll find yourself straining just like when you didn’t have a pillow in the first place.
  • Size. Some pillows are large (and weigh as much as 6 lbs for the really big ones!) while others are smaller and made for traveling. Larger pillows can limit the breastfeeding locations because they won’t fit in some chairs but smaller pillows might not offer all the support you’re looking for. 
  • Price. The average nursing pillow costs around $30-$50 but you can expect to pay more or softer covers, larger sizes for accommodating twins, or eco-friendly materials. 

Ultimately it’s a game of give and take when it comes to product features. Each shape, size, and product has their own pros and cons. Ultimately, you have to pick the one that best suits both you and your baby’s needs and body shape.

Best Nursing Pillow Reviews

My Brest Friend Nursing PillowBest All Around 

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

I love just about everything about this nursing pillow.” -Katie

  • flat surface to prevent rolling
  • provides back support
  • convenient pocket

The My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is the #1 breastfeeding support pillow with professional Lactation Consultants and boasts to be the only pillow that stays securely in place and doesn’t shift or slide. The flat cushion prevents your baby from rolling to the side and the silent-release straps tightens the pillow to eliminate any gap between you and your infant. The wrap around design provides a supportive backrest, as well as arm and elbow rests to help eliminate back and neck pain, and shoulder stress. There is even a convenient pocket to hold nursing supplies or other accessories. This pillow is also available in an inflatable travel pillow, which is a great option for on the go moms. 

  • size and bulkiness makes setup more difficult
  • doesn’t accommodate plus size women

Boppy Nursing Pillow and PositionerBest Classic C-Shape

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner
  • lots of color and fabric options
  • fits most waists
  • easy to use

Boppy is one of the original nursing pillow brands that kickstarted the trend starting in the 1990s. Since then, they’ve been top rated for nursing pillows and consistently produce great products. The classic C-shape features their Miracle Middle stretch panel so that it accommodates most waist sizes. The slip cover is removable and machine washable and the pillow itself is washable as well. Boppy sells a water resistant slipcover for extra protection – it goes underneath the decorative slipcover and is hypoallergenic and water resistant. Plus, their slipcovers come in a wide variety of designs and fabrics such as polyester/cotton blend, polyester/microfiber, organic fabric, and luxe super soft polyester minky/cotton

  • less support than a larger pillow
  • rounded surface promotes rolling off
My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe

This pillow is a lifesaver for nursing twins!!! I am able to nurse both of my babies at the same time without a problem.” – Rachel

  • Firm and supportive
  • Flat surface to prevent rolling

There are two main producers of top quality twin nursing pillows – My Brest Friend and Twin Z. We (along with many other reviewers) have chosen the My Brest Friend over the Twin Z for a few reasons. First off, the firm, flat surface provides plenty of support and stability, making it easier to support two nursing babies. Second, My Brest Friend is more affordably priced. Third, the wrap around design with back and arm support is more secure, providing extra stability when you’re multitasking. It features a soft, easy to remove, plush slipcover that is machine washable as well as a convenient pocket. Because of its design, babies can be fed at the same time or individually in the football, cross cradle, and many other holds. 

  • Can’t really be used for tummy time support or to cradle your baby
Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

This is the best nursing pillow on the market.” – Tayler

  • folds in half for easy storage
  • fits any body type
  • adjustable height

This adjustable nursing pillow is designed quite differently than the others we’ve seen before – its layering arrangement allows you to adjust the height and elevate your little one to bring him/her to breast for improved latching. It supports upright nursing positions, which is ideal for little ones with acid reflux or gerd. It also supports a variety of nursing positions such as cross-cradle and football. The pillow itself is machine washable for easy cleaning and is made of polyester. The wide curve means it can be used by moms of any body type and the lipped edges prevent rolling and add extra support. This product is designed by nursing moms for nursing moms. 

  • specialized design may limit position options
  • shape can increase distance to baby
Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

“Absolutely love this pillow! It’s super firm, the fabric is gorgeously soft and well stitched, and the curve is perfection!” -Kelly

  • curve supports tummy-to-tummy breastfeeding
  • prevents slouching

The unique contour of this pillow positions your baby tummy-to-tummy for comfortable breastfeeding support and reduced rolling. The firm foam keeps it shape all day and night, placing baby at a comfortable height and position to make breastfeeding easier by alleviating back and shoulder pain. The flat side offers a little more of a boost while the contoured side rolls baby tummy to tummy. The removable cover is fully machine washable and the extra dense foams resists moisture absorption. Plus, this pillow can be used multiple ways: breastfeeding support, bottle feeding support, tummy time, and bonding time. 

  • curved surface isn’t for everyone
  • can be too firm

Littlebeam US Nursing PillowTo Keep in the Diaper Bag

Littlebeam US Nursing Pillow

Love this pillow! I carry it everywhere I go with baby in case I need to nurse while out running errands.” -Yara

  • small size allows for easy travel
  • can be used in a wide variety of locations and positions

This multipurpose nursing pillow is made of 100% cotton and is the perfect size to keep in your diaper bag or as a carry on for flights. The removable zipper-close cover is easily machine washable and the pillow itself can be spot cleaned. The multipurpose lounger can also be used as a back cushion, neck pad, between the knee pillow, or headrest. Specially designed by a professional lactation consultant, this nursing pillow boasts to be the ideal size for baby’s ease of latch and overall comfort. The body-hugging shape helps with successful feedings whether you’re sitting or lying down and fits moms of all different shapes and sizes. 

  • doesn’t provide as much stability and support as a larger pillow
  • slips out of position sometimes

Bottle Feeding

While these pillows tend to fall under the “nursing pillows” category, these pillows can also offer many benefits for bottle feeding parents. Just like how these pillows provide extra support during breastfeeding, they can also support baby in a healthy position while bottle feeding and give mom and dad some much needed assistance. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding (or both!), a nursing pillow can provide back, neck, shoulder, and arm strain relief. Plus, most of these pillows can also be used to facilitate tummy time and as a baby cradler. If you’re bottle feeding, also check out or picks for best bottle warmer to warm bottles and jars of food and best bottle sterilizer to keep your baby safe and healthy!

Let’s Review the Best Nursing Pillow

Our pick for our favorite best nursing pillow is the My Brest Friend because of its amazing support and innovative design. But when it comes to finding the best nursing pillow for you and your baby, you’ll have to try them for yourselves. It’s normal to try multiple different pillows before finding the right fit since they’re all so different. Within the first couple of uses, you should see a clear difference in the amount of relief provided. If not, consider trying another option. With so many products and designs on the market nowadays, the best nursing pillow for you is sure to be out there!

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